Blog Manifest

The purpose of these rants shall be fulfilled the day a weary internet wandered finds something of value here and rejoices after reading it, kepping that in mind I write stuff here on this blog, stuff that matters to me, stuff that interests me, stuff that makes me who I am.

I have some selfish reasons too.

Writing blog or for that matter any sort of writing, enforces clarity of thought.When one resolves to transform ideas into thoughts, it helps organize them better, hence helps recalling them later.

So why write a blog and not a diary instead ?

I used to maintain a diary before taking up blog writing. When I used to write something that only I was supposed to read, I would not care much for the grammar, the writing style etc in my writings which made them dull, which really frustated me when I went through them later.
But when writing a blog , I make sure I sound witty, friendly and readable. Which makes for a wonderful experience when going through the posts later.

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