Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Space and Time

Space and Time

This post is a transcription of Alan Watts philosophy along with some gems from the armchair philosopher in me.

The perception of space and time we have today is very limited (I am specifically talking of layman here, physicists and philosophers and other learned men do indeed have a better view).

We view time as a linear function and space as finite, discrete and omnipresent.

What Alan Watts says is that, this is just one way of looking at things, and no one way is right. But sometimes we must be exposed with other point of views to really get an idea of “what’s going on”.

Lets talk about space first, If I ask you to describe “the sun” for me, you would go about it like, its a sphere of so and so diameter, and so and so location.

Here we are using matter as distinction between the space where sun ends and emptiness begins.

But we also know that there is significant equivalence between matter and waves, so if I were to use EM waves instead of matter in defining the boundary points of the sun, I would still be technically correct.

But by that definition, we are inside the sun, in fact all the portion that the first rays of sun has reached is all inside the sun.

So you see, its all a matter of definition, how we define  things is how we end up looking at them.

Now lets talk about time,


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