Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Chicken and Egg

This post is a transcription of one of Alan Watts philosophy.(the idea might date way back to the medival ages, but I heard it first in one of Alan Watts lectures.)

Everything is reproduction, every event, in one way or another.

An egg is a chicken’s way of becoming another chicken.

A planet is a star’s way of becoming another star.

And intelligence is a disease, that makes that planet into a star.

And in a way, life is a planet's way of becoming a star. 
Explaination : Life evolves into higher forms of intelligence, they find about nuclear fission and fusion, and end up blowing the planet to pieces, starring it up ?

And just like during mammal reproduction, of all the sperm cells, only one or two succeeds in making an egg, similarly out of all the planets that might be part of a star’s solar system, only one or two would sustain life, the life enables one of the species in attaining complete control over that planet, and then that species finally learns how to blow up the planet to pieces, and then its only a matter of time.

I would like to go further and say that, this analogy of reproduction can be used to explain almost all of the significant events.

An execution in an Idea’s way of becoming another idea.

and finally conclude by saying,

Death is one Life’s way of becoming another life.

I need to drink some coffee to get hold of these dense ideas.

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