Monday, 15 April 2013

I've become eh Dumb

I guess half two third of this picture correctly describes what has been going in my life.

When I was younger, I was curious to everything that happened around me. When I would go for long walks , I would look at the clouds and think of how they are formed, or imagine an animation I saw on discovery depecting how they are formed.
I wasn't one of those who asked a lot of question, asking a lot of question doesn't make you curious , the will to find the answer does, which might include asking a lot of questions, but the measuring stick here is not asking lots of questions, but trying to find the answers. Rather I used to stay absorber in my world, finding answers to all of the questions on my own. Discovery chanell was the holy mecca of knowledge.(and still is)

I always wondered how the grownups could stay immune to all the fascinating things around them, like the reflection of light, or glass being transparent, or the rainbow, surface tension of a fluid etc.

I made a theory back then, that as humans our ultimate goal of life should be to contribute actively to science.The fact that less than 1% of the human population was actively devoting their time to core science was very disturbing to me.
Because finding stuff out was a subset of exploring, and exploring made total sense, by scientific method or otherwise. And I thought that whoever wasn't doing it was probably dumb.
But little did I know I was wrong.

I used to love mathematics, LOVE IT. I wanted to be become a mathematician when I grew up. and still do.

But now that I have transformed into so called adult, ( turning 19 this week ), I didn't knew when that transition happened to . And how I transformed from a curious inquisitive boy to a dumb human.

I don't engage in those interactive mental exercises I used to when I was a kid, my perception of the world has changed. In short words I 've become dumb.

Nows the time to change it.

I realised all this when I was attending a lecture on cryptography by Dr P.K Saxena, Director SAG DRDO, at my college. I knew very litle of cryptography before that lecture, so it was an interactive session for me. Something very rare these days for me.

I think learning cryptography from scratch could be my chance to regain the spirit of exploring I once inhibited.

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