Sunday, 10 February 2013

Design in Nature

Nature never fails to amaze us human with the grand design. Its like an elite language by medium of which nature expresses a desire to communicate with enlightened human beings.

Its like it wants to tell us, with various examples in the form of marvellous engineering or creativity, that there is no limit to the things which our mind can conceive, and whatever the mind can conceive , we can achieve.

I have started appreciating design very much, and I often come across examples where I see great design in action. Since I spend most of my time on the Internet, I find most of these example on the Internet, but even outside the realms of my laptop, beauty exists, which , howsoever trivial it might seem, isn't really convincing because of the amount of time we spend in front of these devices, and how we continue to neglect the natural beauty.

Talking about great visual designs , the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that most of them are based on the golden ratio .

When humanity came across the golden ratio, they started reproducing it in what they made, it started reflecting in our architecture. Just look back on ancient and even modern architectural marvels and you will be amazed to find so many instances wherein the golden ratio has been directly used.

But exploring the role of golden ratio in ancient architecture isn't the motive of this post.

I have been thinking a lot about how the golden ratio,  a number, a special number, a number so perfect that it fascinates a civilisation so much can have such a lasting impact for centuries.

Imagine a similar thing in sound.
A wave so soothing , so relaxing, and just so perfect that it feels right.
Imagine the golden number in sound waves .

Does this kind of thing exist ?
I don't know, but what I believe is that, its there and we just have to find it.

And when we find it, its gonna change the kind of music we listen, it will have a dramatic impact, just like the golden ratio had on architecture.

It is going to wipe off all the disastrous influences on music industry like lady gaga, justin bieber, nicki minaj, lil wayne and a lot more of those sick , good for nothing douchebags.

It will inspire a whole new generation of music and music makers.That would be real music.

Since the human brain does more processing  on vision input that the vocal input, we can find patterns and appreciate designs more comfortably in what we see , compared to what we listen.

In fact we have an awesome , amazing pattern recognition ability, the only way to realise this fact is to try doing it with a computer.
But in case of sound, we are a bit of handicapped (if we compare that department with vision processing), hence in case of sound feed, we are a bit slow in catching up patterns and appreciating good design.

The golden ratio in music is something to look forward to.

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