Saturday, 9 June 2012

How to use free DNS service ?

How to use free DNS service ?

This question pestered me for quite a long time, until yesterday, when I finally was able to use the service, so I decided to include the procedure here, to answer some one googling "How to use free DNS service ?"

 1. First step is to go to your account, and add a new domain , here I have userd, its better to do it with a new domain, 

2. After this asks you to choose what kind of domain service you wish to use, doamin forwarding or dot tk free dns service,(which is free) ,choose dot tk DNS service, 
and there add your .tk address, for this case that is and as the Host name, and in the ip address field , just add what I have added , in case you are using moonfruit service, which is
(I will tell you about the pros of using moonfruit few lines later)

3. Now go to a free website maker, here I am using because out of all the free site making sites I know(.webs,, and tons of others) only this one allows the option of changing the address of the site to .tk or any other domain you already own.

So, I would suggest you try moonfruit out, its free (though you can make only one site), after making your account and stuff, you will end up in a page like this, now after this, go to the admin button in tool bar, click on it and you will see a menu popping up on the left hand side of the page, now click on the site address tab. 

 4. After clicking on the site address tab , the following window will appear , now add (in your case your own domain name,) and  add it,

And thats it, in like 10 minutes will start redirecting to

This is not the same as url forwarding, this is totally different that that, in url forwarding , the page uses iframe tag to display the to be directed page on your .tk url,
for example, is an example of url forwarding service of  , have a look at the source code of this page and you will see the iframe tag used.

but what we are doing here is completely different, have a look at the page source of and you will see that its totally different.

Also damian forwarding has other major disadvantages like you cannot edit the meta tage which are used in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)
and also you cannot edit your sites favicon , it will remain that of .tk only.

while using DNS service, you can get all of these services.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Annoy.exe -Batch File Programming

Here I have included link to a batch file that I created, its called annoy.exe .
What it does is that it keeps on displaying some predefined messages when opened, and goes to loop , and never stops (unless you restart, or do that special thing you will find at the very end of this blog post)

here in I have encloses some snap shots of what the application actually looks like.

Here is the link to download this application, (google docs)

and here is the link to the source code of the exe file, feel free to modify it, and make the messages even better than what they are now,

Also one thing to keep in mind is that it works for users having windows operating system only.

                                                 So how to terminate the Daym thing?
One very obvious way to get rid of the messages is to restart your computer, but that's not what most people would prefer, so here is another way to do so,

delete the annoy.exe file ,
and then finish one loop of the messages , by clicking  on "OK" button in the messages for like 5-6 times,
and there you go, the application is now terminated.
Now the last and final step is to , go to recycle bin and restore annoy.exe.  ;)