Friday, 2 November 2012

The Matrix

I had a thought once that what if we are living in a world that is unreal, like the one shown in the movie THE MATRIX, even if that was false, it would be had proving it so, or maybe impossible.
I have an hypothesis which I have cooked up to satisfy myself,I have no proof niether in favor nor in contradiction of this hypothesis.

I think that it might be possible that we are living in a world which is a simulation and is being controlled by an higher intelligence, and this higher intelligence is none other that our future.
SO what happened (actually i should say will happen) is that some 100 years from now programmer equipped with super duper fast processors and computers with creat a virtual simulation which will simulate life as we know it, hence giving birth to our world.

So we are actually created in the future , thats why we cant definitely trace back to that point looking in the past, basically we are looking in the wrong direction.
We are born in the future.

Sounds really wierd, i know that, but just like space time can be warped too.

What really interests me about this hypothesis is that, it has a loop, a loop of time,
when you have a loop in a physical situation or condition it becomes infinite, as long as you supply it energy it will work.

I will be discussing about how this simulation gets eneergy in my next post.

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