Friday, 2 November 2012

Perpetual Motion machine

So in my previous post i discussed about the possibility of us living in a simulation whose controller is a programmer who lives in the future.
This is really fuzzy login, and believe it, even i laugh on it sometimes, :p

But if this wasnt fuzzy enough, then I have more for you.

I will be talking in the post about a perpetual machine.

A perpetual machine, as such Cannot exist, physicists and mathematicians have deemed such a machine an impossibility .But I have something which mght interest these people.

I think a perpetual machine can exist in the following way.
Suppose I write a simulation a program capable of creating life ,where creatures take independent decisions and act accordingly, in such a system I can devise a method wherein I extract energy from the creatures living in this simulation and use it to power the processor running the simulation.

I dont know how to do it, neither i am sure about it, but just think about it, expect for this i dont think there is any other way a perpetual motion machine can be constructed.THin has to be it.
or maybe not, who knows.

But i like to think about such impossible possibilities, because in a universe so vast and creative as our anything and everything is possible.

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