Friday, 2 November 2012

Migration to windows

SO its been 3 months since I have migrated to ubuntu, and now circumstances have led me at a stage where I have to choose one out of the 2, windows or ubuntu.
In the following post, i will explain these circumstances and my final decision

When i migrated to ubuntu , i was really happy, really really happy, moving away from an OS i had been using my whole life for like past 12 years or so, was a nice thing for me.
And the geek pride that came with it was equally overwhelming.
though i missed photoshop , flash and dreamweaver I was loving this new operating system i had heard so much about.
Slowly and slowly i learned about using the terminal (I still am in the elarning process, it never ends, and neither should) so things were going fine.

But then I notices certain shortcomings of ubuntu, first was that using the LAMP was a real pain in the ass, you would have to fight with it all the time, if there was a single one litter mistake in your php file, it will show a nasty error, which would leave you puzzled.
I was very angry at the LAMP software development team, but then my friend told me that I could solve my problems by editing few files in the apache2 config folder.
Ok but still why dont these people provide a nice cute gui like that of WAMP.

Seriously they expect me to use the terminal all the effing time, to copy files to do mundane tasks and what not.

well you know what, I dont like the terminal all that much, and this doesnt make me a less of a programmer, thats how i am. I like holding that mouse and doing things the easy way, and I ain't ashamed of that.

This is the story with most of the software available for ubuntu, like appengine, they have no gui at all, which really put me off.

BUt even after that i continued using ubuntu because it was really fast as compared to windows. which i loved.

The current state of events have pursuaded me to use photoshop and dreamweaver on a regular basis, so that why i have to use windows, but i still with stick to ubuntu, because i think that I havent given this OS much time.

You see, 12 years vs 2 months, that really unfair.Maybe if I give ubuntu more time and learn the terminal I will start enjoying the things, or maybe even working on the terminal.
who knows?

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