Friday, 2 November 2012

Bunking Lectures

For me bunking lectures is a symbol of defying authority , which I love to do, thats why I do it a lot, sometimes even too much.
You wake up late someday, and you don't feel like going to class , and suddenly it turns out that all of your friends have decided to bunk the first class too. OH man the feeling you get then is EPIC, totally EPIC.

The only thing I don't like about bunking is that it is not scheduled, you cant schedule bunking, well that has to be it, otherwise it will be going on a pseudo leave.
So bunking disturbs the schedule, and you end up with these pockets of empty time, which you cant figure out how to utilize constructively,I end up spending that time talking to friends at canteen,
(which I firmly agree is not a waste of time, because as John Lennon once said, "The time you spent enjoying was never wasted " )

Actually even better than bunking is something which I like to call smart bunk.
Smart bunk is where you give your attendance and then sneak out of the classroom, I do it all the time in the physics practical lab and the basic mechanical Engineering class.

This is what I love DTU(Delhi Technological University) for , there is so much freedom.

I hope the end sems of DTU are also as lenient as the classroom atmosphere. 

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Saurav Tomar said...

The semester has ended, and no saurav they weren't
I ended up screwing, probably bunked too many lectures.
but don't worry, keep looking forward.