Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Choice ?

We live our lives under the notion that we exert a tremendous influence upon what we choose, and hence we think that we control our lives.
This is one question what has many answers and even more doubts arising from them.

What I would like to mention in this blogpost is the comparison of the things that we choose and the things that are associated with us by default, by birth.

Its highly ironical that the most important things in life like our family our home and love are all things that we got by default.
we didnt choose what family i would be born in, or in which country .

While the things that we choose , like our friend circle, the place where we live, the house we live in are all things which are somewhat less important than the things I mentioned before.

Isnt it strange.

In some ways , major part of life is decided by things on which we have no influence.
(major part != whole life, history is filled with stories of men who have altered the course of their destiny by sheer will and hardwork)

So that brings me to the end of this blog post.

I would like to mention here, that i fully enjoy this process of updating my blog, it gives me the feeling that I am living a stable centric and focussed life.
If I am a bit distracted (which I believe I am these days) that change is reflected in my blog post and it inquires me to change that.

Another reason that I am writing this post is that my internet connection is gone, so I thought I would utilise the time to do something constructive like blog writing.and later when lan connection in alive post it on blogger, and continue with my work.

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