Sunday, 2 September 2012

From BIT Mesra to DTU

I took admission in BIT mesra on July 24th , in computer science stream, but 2 months later , on august 31st I ,with a lot of luck, got a seat in Maths and Computing in DTU (my air was 6888) .
Choosing DTU over BIT was a obvious choice for me.

In this post I will be comparing these 2 institutions.
  • DTU is any day better that BIT in terms of Campus Infrastructure
  • BIT mesra has an excellent Computer science department, they have these weekly coding nights , so the students over there are very mature, and I am informed that DTU is a bit lazy in this area. (but in BIT mesra this is possible with the excellent efforts and cooperation of seniors )
  • Fees of BIT mesra , being a private institution is way more than DTU, as of 2012, one semister in BIT costs around 98k , while the same in DTU costs just 25k. 
  • The clubs and Student chapters are more active in DTU , have a larger audience, and some of them even have a international presence.
  • DTU has a brand name at par with some IITs (just look at the alumni list on DTU website)
So I am satisfied with my choice of DTU over BIT.As of branches are concerned, CS vs MCE , CS is the winner, but i have strong interest in mathematics so thats also a pro for me, another reason to choose DTU over BIT.

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