Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sherlock uses Internet Explorer on Windows

I am watching Sherlock these days and I just love it .
It is the best attempt to bring the great creation of Sir Arthur conan Doyle to life, the previous movies looks so lame after watching the bbc series.
One thing i found disturbing in the movie sherlock holmes hollywood movie "Sherlock Holmes and the games of shadow" was the character of sherlock's brother ,

Though the whole series is breathtaking , and in every aspect ingeniously directed, there is just one thing that troubles me,
that is the fact that in the series 1 episode called "The Great Game" sherlock holmes is shown using a laptop with windows and browsing the internet on internet explorer.

 I fail to understand why sherlock holmes would be using internet explorer on windows.In fact I disagree with it and can prove this .
Sherlock takes keen interest in crimes and give the rising crimes commited via the internet , modern day sherlock would definitely a proficient hacker, and i cannot imagine a hacker operating on windows and internet explorer.

or maybe he actually is on linux , bus uses windows on virtualbox to open and edit his blog "the science of deduction".

But to end this post on a bright note, I must say that the producers of the seires have left no stone unturned in pulling off an amazing series not only with the direction and story and plot but also with community interaction, did you know that the john watson blog frequently shown in the series actually exist along with the science of deduction website and the official website of connie prince and many other , and last but not the least the twitter handle of Irene Adler "The Whip Hand".
Marvellous isn't it !

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