Monday, 9 July 2012

Patterns in life

I have noticed a very very frequent phenomenon in life,
here it is,

well explaining this phenomenon is a bit difficult,
so I would resort to take help of an excellent analogy.

Suppose there is a society learning a totally new thing,
one which the previous generations have not learned before,
for instance learning a new programming language,
now suppose a group of individual notices a phenonenon,
for instance they realise that they make a particular mistake again and again,
like for instance confusing = with == , while the former is for assigning and the latter
is for checking,
ok , so they notice the fact that they are making the same mistake again and again
what do they do next ?

well , to prevent the next generations to fall into the same pit of
making that mistake, they advocate it , too many people.
and those many people advocate it to even more people,
if their civilisation have a fast mode of communication this
happens even faster.

So the news spread slowly and to all, and people are so used to it ,
that they take it as obvious and dont commit that mistake again,

what happens next is interesting,
then comes next generation who also is accostomed to hearing what their
elders had said and wont make that mistake,
but at some point , there will come a moment of change, a maxima,
after this point regression will start, and the people wil lconsider the information so
trival that they wont even consider it communicating,
and so will their next generation.

till the point some group of individuals face that problem and consider the
point worth raising,
and so goes the loop.
it goes on and on

thats why they say that history is repeated.
maybe thats what makes it so interesting and fascinating.

there are many other patterns that are found in nature, like the golden ratio.

golden ration is the ratio of consequent terms of the following series called the fibonacci series.


this ratio is found in many natures creations like orientations of the seeds of sunflower,
sea shell curves, faces of human beings, and many many other places.

actually the series also represent the growth of populations in sexually reproducing beings like us.

like first there were just 2 humans to start with (hypothetically) adam and eve
we mark them as the first 2 terms in our fibanacci series, 1 and 1 respectively.
the following picture represents the fibonacci phenomenon using rabbits as example,
first there are 2 rabbits,
then they grow up and have an offspring, now rabbit population=3
then in next phase, we have 3 mature rabbits and

then they reproduce to have an offspring say X, now the strenght of their family is 3,
which is the next term,

now adam and eve decide to have another offspring, lets call this Y.
now X and Y decide to have a family of their own and produce an offspring,
now the total strength of the 2 families is 5 , which is the next fibonacci term.

the next term of the series will be the strength of the combined multiplayer family till the
next generation.

this fact is so deeply embedded in the living beings that it tends to show up in
most of natures creations, and i think in all of them , its just a matter  of finding.

So as I mentioned earlier, things repeat themselves.

But there are somethings where you know that there isnt a pattern , for instance the positions of the stars, we know that the are randomly distributed in the space,
but then a very interesting question arises
Is randomness a pattern ?

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