Monday, 9 July 2012

Blogging Like a Boss

You should blog , and put all your thoughts out, 
if you are not able to do that , that means you
are hiding something.

What are you hiding ?
What is it that you think is worth hiding?

Well let me tell you this
that you are already naked , there is nothing to hide, 
you just get this one life, so comprehend this and give it your best shot ,
and while you do it , do it like a boss.
Because I believe that everything worth doing is worth doing like a boss.
Hiding and keeping secrets are inhibit our capacity to fully comprehend the wonders, life has to offer. 
There is so much to explore in life that the very thought of hiding should never cross your mind.

so be brave be frank be courteous and be your self and blog like a boss !
so thats what I wanted to tell you.

This is the message I want to give to my future self, who will read this post one day.

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