Monday, 9 July 2012

26th June

On 26th june I did an experiment regarding time management, today is 9th july and here is the excerpt from 26th june.

Initializing the project time

Well over the past few days I havent been able to get the most out of my day.
which is making me unproductive ,and a bad time manager.
and which is not cool.

So I want to change this , and become productive and a time management person.
So how do i do it ?

well first I identify the problem
the probelem was that , I just had so much to do ,
my to do list is just overwhelming.
to give you a glimpse , here it is,

 1. Learning delphi
 2. Programming in C
 3. Udacity CS-253
 4. Learning Javascript , HTML, CSS
 5. Learning Japanese (which requires me to visit japanese foundation HQ in delhi often, and which soaks up like 4 hours per visit)
 6. Learning discrete mathematics and Graph theory and solving recreational mathematics
 7. Learning to play chess like a BOSS !
 8. Using photoshop like a pro
 9. Learning Flash and action script

What my approach to accomplish these tasks till now was to take these tasks randomly,
suppose i saw an elegant snippet of javascript code, then i would start with
the javascript goal, or suppose if i talked with a friend who is learning delphi ,
i would work on delphi for the next couple of hours.
The result of this approach was that , i would sleep at night , thinking of what i have done today
and the reply from my side would be this >
"well first i did x then i move to y and then z was looking interesting so i did z,
but then i came back to this thing that i was doing yesterday which is a."

So this needs to change and the change must happen NOW.

So I have cooked a plan,istead of working on too many things simultaneously, I shall be taking these
things one at a time,
that way i think i will be more productive and i will have a better answer to give to myself
when i sleep at night and ask myself that question.
So i begin today !
I would be studying just one thing today, thats it just one thing,
and would give it all, and would work on it for at least 10 hours.

So the thing I am doing today is reading "PrenticeHall. The Ansi C Programming Language - 2nd Ed.Kernighan,Ritchie"
and solving the problems given in theis book.

Its 7:57 am now, so I shall begin !

from 8 am to 10 pm , there are exactly 12 hours, i shall require 1 hour to eat breakfast and lunch,
2 hours to play football in the evening, and lets say 2 hours as time buffer.

So i think I will be able to give 7 productive hours to it.

Hour 1 <8am - 9am>

I start at page no 22 with the exercises .
8:25 am
its ben half an hour and i am still working on the same exercise 1.9
from 8:30-9 some tv

Hour 2 <9am-10am>
breakfast and more tv

Hour 3 <10am-11am>

Browsing on the internet hour 4-5-6

Hour 7  <2pm-3pm>
more time waste !!

Hour 8 <3pm -4pm>
reading manga

Hour 8 and hour 9 <4pm-6pm>
I slept like a log

Hour 10 <6pm-7pm>
More manga, watering plants etc
Now I am feeling like doing javascript or CS 253


well,its 9th july now, and I think that day I got nothing else done other than those things.
after reading manga , I went outside to play football and after coming home I had dinner and went to sleep.
what I learned from this is that there is an urgent need to manage time, I must gather all my mental faculties and resources and think on this issue , because I now know what bad time manager I really am.

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