Sunday, 17 June 2012

Song with subtitles

Well, for the past few days, I have been working on a recreational project of mine, the whole idea was to have a song play in a web page, and have subtitles appear as the song played.

here it is have a look,
(the password is my name saurav)

the marquee tag is triggered only when the play button on the audio player is hit,
the backgroud is pretty cool , its actually is a animated gif image, created in flash CS-5, and is just worth 4.78 Kbs, cool na,

and I would like to thank stackoverflow for helping me out, when I needed help, here is the question I asked there,  here is the link 

Improvements I will work on in the future :>

1. when the audio is paused , the marquee keeps on running,  and when the audio is resumed, the marquee starts right from the beginning, something must be done about it.

 2. making a fully automated application where in the user links to a audio file , and this generates the song with lyrics, and finally puts it all together in a webpage,
this can be accomplished by , asking the user to link to the audio file, and opening the lyrics text file in an editor, then asking the user to tag certain positions in the text file that correspond to certain positions in the text file this way a link will be establisged in the 2 of them, them put it all together in  a web page, well it is going to be challenging though.

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