Thursday, 7 June 2012

Annoy.exe -Batch File Programming

Here I have included link to a batch file that I created, its called annoy.exe .
What it does is that it keeps on displaying some predefined messages when opened, and goes to loop , and never stops (unless you restart, or do that special thing you will find at the very end of this blog post)

here in I have encloses some snap shots of what the application actually looks like.

Here is the link to download this application, (google docs)

and here is the link to the source code of the exe file, feel free to modify it, and make the messages even better than what they are now,

Also one thing to keep in mind is that it works for users having windows operating system only.

                                                 So how to terminate the Daym thing?
One very obvious way to get rid of the messages is to restart your computer, but that's not what most people would prefer, so here is another way to do so,

delete the annoy.exe file ,
and then finish one loop of the messages , by clicking  on "OK" button in the messages for like 5-6 times,
and there you go, the application is now terminated.
Now the last and final step is to , go to recycle bin and restore annoy.exe.  ;)

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