Sunday, 27 May 2012

Irony of TLDR Syndrome!

What is TLDR syndrome?

TLDR syndrome refers to "Too Long Didnt Read" syndrome.Its not a proper syndrome, its just a name given to the inability to perform a patience requiring task like reading,(atleast thats what I think, lemme know if I am wrong in the open comments) the main reason behind it is social media and the overwhelming importance given to hasty,quick things by the sociey.

The Irony

The irony about TLDR is that most people who suffer from TLDR doesn't even know that they suffer from it, or in some cases they don't even know what TLDR is, this is because to know about TLDR syndrom you have to actually read about it, and the pages that describe this syndrome are themselves long, here is the link to the wikipedia page. 

As of me, I smetimes suffer from it, and sometimes dont,here is the code which returns False when I am not suffering from it, and return True otherwise.

def Do_I_Suffer_From_TLDR(Day,Mood,Song_in_Background,environment):
         if Day=='wonderful' or Mood=='Delightul' or Song_in_Background=='My Favorite' :
                              return False
         if Day =='waste' or Mood=='crap' or Song_in_Background=='this_one or one of these'
                               return True
                        return ' TCTD : Too Confused To Decide '


If you are reading this line right now , that means you probably aren't suffering from TLDR curently, but suppose that you didnt read it, then its sure that you are suffering from it,(otherwise why else would someone not read such an incredible article LoL) but then if that is the case and you arent reading it, then sadly you will never know that you are actually suffering from it right now, that my friend is the biggest irony of TLDR syndrome.)

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