Thursday, 31 May 2012

Failure Set Theory

I have been thinking a lot about success and failure and what factor are responsible for the two. and I think I have come up with something interesting, here it is.

Failure is not that bad, as long as you make sure you learn from your mistakes which led to the failure, it teaches us a lot more lessons than a succes ever could, its like failure prepares you for that super special grand success that will follow after n failures, where n is a function of that fact that whether you learn from failures or not.

The following 2 figures shows two consecutive failures in your life, and the right failures and wrong ones,

If the sets representing the reasons for any 2 consecutive failures in any point of your life are disjoint then it means that you are moving on the right path ,but if the have few elements common then this implies you made the same mistakes on this failure as you made last time.

Actually this lesson that we should learn from our failures , itself was learnt after many failures.

So I have come up with an algorithm to succeed in life,what I think is that if I increase my tries and make sure I have completely new reasons for a new failure,than I had last time and do not repeat the mistake that led me to my previous failure, then a day will come when I will fail to fail, that will be my super grand success.

I am looking forward to it.

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