Friday, 4 May 2012

Dont say "I hate Maths" or then there will be trouble!

This has happened endless times with me,people telling me that they hate maths, and I have to then narrate to them how ridiculous that statement is,
(I would be a millionaire today if only i had gotten a nickel for every time i had to narrate that)

Saying that you hates maths is like saying "I hate breathing".

how can you hate to breathe, that doesnt make any sense, and the statement that "I hate mathematics" makes even lesser sense.

that correct statement should be "I don't know what maths is and hence I am not in a position to say that I hate maths but I can say that I hate the amount of maths I know(which is tiny)"

this what the correct statement is, you have no right to hate something which you don't know.

In my point of view its impossible to hate maths, because only one person has the right to say that "I hate maths", and that person is the person who knows all the maths in the world, 

here is the cool thing, 

when you know all maths that there is to explore, then you will love it so much that you wont be hating it anymore, instead you would be loving it. (sounds like a trap)

here is an analogy, suppose there is a mountain called the Mount maths, now this mountain represents all the maths that is possible to imagine in our universe, 

The person who will climb mount maths will be so overwhelmed by what he had archived that he/she (see i am not a sexist) wont consider it worth to complain about his trekking difficulties at all, on the contrary he would be red with delight. as happy as peach. (huh?peach?)

So I next time you hear someone saying "I HATE MATHS", don't say that don't say  that or maths is good or any other consolating statement, 
just say

you have to climb mount maths to be in a position to say that , if you are so very determined to express your feelings about maths then your statement should be this

"I don't know what maths is and hence I am not in a position to say that I hate maths but i can say that the I hate the amout of maths I know (which is tiny)"

Last but not the least,

Even if you do hate maths my friend , maths will still love you, and will be there for you when you need it.

(and no thats not from some movie)

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vikas kumar said...

dude i have high hope from u !!!!